My name is Sherifa Khedr, also known as Sherry Maw. I am an Egyptian married to a wonderful patient British gentleman, with 3 daughters, a dog, birds, tortoises and a dwarf hamster. Seven years ago, after a career that ranged from human resources /event organization, I decided to bring up my kids and support my husband and even though this is admirable, I didn’t feel fulfilled so I spent a year in search to find a purpose to my life besides the obvious one and couldn’t go back to the corporate world cause I wanted to make a difference and help others.

I came across coaching and I never looked back. I live in the now, I am so positively living my purpose and feel completely fulfilled. I believe that we can live our best lives and that life should be thrilling and exciting and convinced that we humans tend to underestimate our own brilliance that’s where coaching comes in to make us dream, visualize and achieve big goals.