Welcome to the new world of coaching. I am delighted to be your coach and honored to be chosen to help you create the life you really want to experience, focusing on your own goals and following your agenda.

I start by reassuring you of total confidentiality to any subject discussed during our coaching session and in return, for the success of coaching, I would expect truthfulness and honesty.

We will start the coaching with a discovery session lasting 2 hours where you will enlighten me on who you are, what you wish for in your life and what I am to hold for you as your vision.

Our sessions will be one hour with fifteen minutes to unwind. Any cancellation of a session should be done at least 24hrs in advance as a courtesy to enable me to reschedule.

In between sessions, we can communicate by email or sms to let me know of your progress and by phone too if necessary or urgent.

I like to organize our sessions as three times a month in an allotted time convenient to both of us preferably in my place in Umm Suqeim. Other venues can be discussed after we have done our discovery session together.

Honesty and transparency, as I might have mentioned before are necessary tools for co-active coaching. So I would appreciate it if you let me know If I ever upset you or if you want to change the coaching style to more or less forceful for example.

Finally, In case of traveling or cancellation of our alliance, I would appreciate one week notice.

I look forward to our journey,

Sherifa Khedr a.k.a. Sherry Maw