I Will Help You See Your Own Brilliance.
I Will Help You See You.
Coaching Was Described By A Great Course Leader In How To Ride A Bike Analogy:

If you approached a therapist, a consultant & a coach and asked them to teach you to ride a bike:
The Therapist will ask how it feels to want to ride & check on any previous experience with riding the bike.
The Consultant would ride the bike, write a mannual with instructions on how to ride & hand it to you to follow.
The Coach would say “Okay, get on the bike and I will walk along beside you until you can do it on your own”.

Together we will discover what thrills you & fulfills you, the big dream that is put on a shelf. We will set goals. We will find what you are afraid to say No to and what you are willing to say Yes to.

If you are stuck & have lost your spark, I will remind you of that positive energy that is always there. I will help you honour your values & find that beautiful life purpose & won”t let you give up on yourself.

Many of life”s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”, Thomas Edison.

The Agenda & the Goals will come from you, the solutions will be yours.
Coaching Does Not Only Address One Issue…
But Addresses Your Whole Life & Brings Balance Back & Fulfillment.